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Someone explain this to me on net neutrality    12/15/17  (1)
nutella: we don't need a weed whacker (husband spinning in circles with 35" cock    12/15/17  (7)
Jones victory: biggest upset in U.S. Senate election history    12/15/17  (15)
Alt right replacing Red Light/Green Light in school with NIGGER AMBUSH/NIGGER HO    12/15/17  (19)
Judas Jones victory: biggest upset in xoxo megaposter madness history    12/15/17  (1)
Wife caught me smoking one of those "vapor" cigs. This is really embarrassing    12/15/17  (22)
Tax bill passes Congress. Trump fires Mueller, demands concessions b4 signing.    12/15/17  (4)
So no one cares that LV shooting security guard has been missing for months?    12/15/17  (12)
Working on a Sup Brady / Prior to joining the NFL "mash up"    12/15/17  (35)
name one period of history you don't care to learn about at all    12/15/17  (16)
I paid off my student loan today    12/15/17  (12)
POLL: rate your happiness right now    12/15/17  (56)
Im with Ajit    12/15/17  (5)
my sister's shitcompany gave the employees a $70 bonus    12/15/17  (164)
Radiation Oncology trainee here, taking questions    12/15/17  (1)
Better biz: maid service or home health care?    12/15/17  (2)
The Cadre Of Billionaires Rationally Funding +20SD Babies    12/15/17  (67)
nutella gets paid $800k to draft compliance manuals and shit jfc    12/15/17  (13)
A Selected History of the Family Rudolph    12/15/17  (433)
Questions about Net Neutrality. Looking for honest discussion here.    12/15/17  (1)
Simple math problem for the late night crew    12/15/17  (52)
Who is worse: Epah or Corporate Warrior?    12/15/17  (2)
Is modern "art" a joke?    12/15/17  (8)
Earl and Nutella getting fucked by tax reform is so fucking 18000000000000000000    12/15/17  (26)
Ann "Shrew" Coulter getting MAF at parentmos getting tax credits    12/15/17  (13)
Reminder: Body can only make use of ~30g of Protein at time.    12/15/17  (2)
Billionaire pharma magnate and wife found DEAD at their mansion:    12/15/17  (2)
If you're not mining ETH 12 months ago, you're insane    12/15/17  (1)
BTC is a ponzi scheme? LoL GC is a ponzi scheme!    12/15/17  (1)
"I'll be just like Peterman!" you though sucking the trucker's cock    12/15/17  (4)
500 people shot in Vegas. Repeat, 500 people shot. They say nothing.    12/15/17  (3)
Reminder: Bannon intimidated Corker out of his race    12/15/17  (7)
nutella's mcbabbydood's massive adult cock hanging out of the stroller    12/15/17  (5)
Anyone know where to find the text of the reconciled tax bill?    12/15/17  (5)
Much like BTC mining being run by 4-5 big nodes,4-5 mentally ill poasters run XO    12/15/17  (1)
I am in my 30s and life has never been better!    12/15/17  (2)
Reminder: This tax bill is fucking awesome and the media is lying to you    12/15/17  (3)
Any XO tinychat bros    12/15/17  (20)
Tiny youporn planes flying into my last 2 dopamine towers    12/15/17  (3)
Nutella in black panties & garters ordering you to eat her pussy    12/15/17  (52)
I wish lawman8 was my roommate. We would have a fucking blast.    12/15/17  (13)
imagine how weird looking and vile smelling nutella's snatch is    12/15/17  (2)
everyone is mentally ill as fuck    12/15/17  (5)
I am a legit crypto hundredaire    12/15/17  (2)
Jewish girls looking for Neo-Nazis on dating apps for roleplaying romps (Buzzfee    12/15/17  (5)
Met a lolyer with a gold front tooth today. Thought only black people did that.    12/15/17  (1)
Nutella deserves to lose everything    12/15/17  (13)
imagine how weird looking and vile smelling Mindy Kaling's snatch is    12/15/17  (8)
1097 pages tax bill is live    12/15/17  (14)
How much of a game changer is this tax bill?    12/15/17  (3)
all suffering comes from lack of discipline    12/15/17  (4)
nutella how flat are your mosquito bite brown pepperoni titties    12/15/17  (2)
Nutella and her alts walk into 100 post mega thread to "Gucci Gang"    12/15/17  (2)
"I WAS WORKING FOR A GOD DAMN LIVING" screams the nocoiner @ the newmoney neetmo    12/15/17  (4)
*waves CA forest fires towards nutella's house like a third base coach*    12/15/17  (10)
Lets be serious. Nutellas husband thinks about killself everyday, right?    12/15/17  (9)
Hey Earl, it turns out Reys parents are just randos.    12/15/17  (2)
An actual doctor, here, taking questions on specialties, lifestyle, salary    12/15/17  (15)
why shouldnt i buy 20k worth of cardano @ $0.13 and forget it?    12/15/17  (34)
RATE this nutella-style ass LMAO @ AZN VILLAGER Brown SKiN & flat ass    12/15/17  (15)
lol Nutella is a scumbag    12/15/17  (14)
i wish my wife would come back to me and bring are kid back so badly :((((((((((    12/15/17  (26)
REPAYE vs. PAYE, which is the CR plan?    12/15/17  (1)
What do nutella's boyfriend and OJ Simpson have in common?    12/15/17  (13)
first paragraph of this review of Eminem's "Revival" is spot on    12/15/17  (4)
Trumptards are literally the only people in the world who think    12/15/17  (13)
"Get down!" Trump fires shotgun at Nutella & Earl in hallway    12/15/17  (17)
Nutella uses echolocation to identify hidden wine taverns    12/15/17  (86)
the JJC surprise threads have run their course I think we can all agree    12/15/17  (4)
What happened to Liv Tyler? Its like she disappeared    12/15/17  (11)
*cryptorich Peterman pulling into a rest stop* haha, weird to be just to eat.    12/15/17  (1)
"As attorneys, we value discretion. Ordering the fajitas demonstrated a lack of    12/15/17  (47)
How do I legally use crypto for my SEP?    12/15/17  (7)
"I'll be just like Peterman!" you think as you Google nearest Flying J    12/15/17  (2)
Nutella shaking with rage as I suck her husband to completion    12/15/17  (7)
Trump's EPA acting like the old government cucks    12/15/17  (2)
"haha wow holy shit" (peterman as he sells u an ETH for $750 on gdax)    12/15/17  (1)
Post-Apartheid South Africa: 40 politicians dead since the start of 2016    12/15/17  (1)
Remember pied piper of retards exuent advising xo to "invest" in "tezos" lmao    12/15/17  (30)
Finished 2017 tax projections: netted $1.326 mil (CSLG)    12/15/17  (82)
nutella's husband hitting home run with his cock at work softball game    12/15/17  (28)
BF Skinner scrolling through freemium iPhone games: "haha holy shit"    12/15/17  (14)
Many newer buildings have infrared cameras in elevator, can detect farts    12/15/17  (3)
"PUSH THE RULER HARDER", nutella barked    12/15/17  (12)
nutella to her short, Jew husband: "I'm a lide or die bitch!"    12/15/17  (5)
"I'll be just like Peterman!" you think as you buy into BTC at $18,000    12/15/17  (3)
worth getting into XEM or XRP?    12/15/17  (2)
more self awareness: nutella or a jellyfish?    12/15/17  (1)
Biggest news in Russian state run media -- cheese production up 0.3%!    12/15/17  (1)
*demands to be taken seriously* *screams & moans like a dumb animal during sex*    12/15/17  (15)
just got fucked by a client    12/15/17  (8)
Went to San Francisco Public Library for the first time yesterday. lmao    12/15/17  (18)
nutella SPRINTING into a thread to let you know how much she pays in taxes    12/15/17  (9)
Arizona State AD mainlined Six Sigma and ended up spending $12MM on Herm Edwards    12/15/17  (11)
''Jason Bourne'' actually based on nutella's crossfit experience    12/15/17  (5)
Compilation of freeclimbers falling from tall buildings (mostly Russians)    12/15/17  (1)
sharklasers creating a LaTeX macro to draw chubby gf's name inside a heart    12/15/17  (11)
180 shkreli might go free soon    12/15/17  (11)
CGI Joker Hulk Spider-Man Elsa sharklasers proof by induction fermat's little th    12/15/17  (17)
Man attacks Dutch police with knife, they shoot him 63 times    12/15/17  (10)
nutella you chink, you are an absolute shit stain on the earth, you gook cunt    12/15/17  (3)
*molests nutella's FOB father*    12/15/17  (1)
Cr to fight jihad for ISIS then live on Canadian govt money?    12/15/17  (1)
WSJ pens lengthy screen re rootless cosmopolitans    12/15/17  (95)
How much to tip wife's bull for holidays?    12/15/17  (13)
ETH dip last night was a fluke. Will never go below $650 again. Mark my words    12/15/17  (11)
Illegal immigratin back to Obama levels    12/15/17  (2)
Tax Mo's - Can I prepay California SALT for 2018? 2019?    12/15/17  (41)
Peterman has millions of dollars and is xo's best example of making it    12/15/17  (10)
grew up in SF. it's now the worst city in America.    12/15/17  (1)
peterman richer than you    12/15/17  (2)
Taylor Swift: Knew he was a BILLER first time that I saw him...    12/15/17  (4)
Mississippi jurisprudence reigns supreme.    12/15/17  (1)
Make 750k as neurosurgeon: wageslave! FIRE with 12k Dividend stream: FREEDOM (XO    12/15/17  (3)
if u enter crypto now u will get absolutely fukkked trust me    12/15/17  (1)
GC took $16K from a man playing Final Fantasy    12/15/17  (13)
Shire Plc to introduce new fast casual ADHD med: Benny's    12/15/17  (16)
crazy that old MMOs just charged $10 month. nobody thought of lootbox type shit    12/15/17  (7)
*looks at u like old man at end of saving private ryan* "tell me im metally ill"    12/15/17  (1)
am i mentally ill    12/15/17  (3)
at my callback lunch, senior associate taking me out ordered fajitas    12/15/17  (1)
2 fleets of Airbus A380s colliding in the sky above as you bump a twins thread    12/15/17  (5)
Staking my hopes on crypto like Tom Hanks floating on the raft in Castaway    12/15/17  (1)
Girl hooked up with years ago just msged that I "popped up" on her FB messenger    12/15/17  (11)
b-b-b-b-b-but LIBS!    12/15/17  (1)
I'm not seeing MSM covering the Lisa Bloom story. very odd    12/15/17  (3)
crazy how obeezy tp went from 5'6 ugly TTT grad to 6'2 "played college ball" HYS    12/15/17  (119)
anybody remember the flame chat log from the supposed anti-trump conspiracy?    12/15/17  (3)
lmao AJIT PAI is 180, exemplifies the "useful idiot" corporate TURDSKIN 100%    12/15/17  (22)
insomnia induced by obsessive thoughts about twins threads    12/15/17  (6)
Labor force participation rate up every month since the election, why?    12/15/17  (8)
Have a serious health issue that is very depressing    12/15/17  (59)
Any of you alphas on TRT? Is it 180?    12/15/17  (2)
Turdskin reports culture shock at visiting America: "so many turdskins here!"    12/15/17  (8)
PSA: check out allsides.com for balanced viewpoints on news    12/15/17  (2)
got why using iphone is tedious, its streamlined for 5yos to make it to checkout    12/15/17  (1)
Any good somewhat objective primers on Net Neutrality? Libs melting down on SM    12/15/17  (12)
*lawman8 haters getting hater group numbers tattooed on wrists Auschwitz-style*    12/15/17  (9)
2B in "synergies" = 20th Century Fox inhouse lawyer bloodbath    12/15/17  (5)
Have a serious autism issue that is very depressing (xo poa    12/15/17  (1)
Sovereign Debt devalued citing Cryptocurrency challenge (link)    12/15/17  (1)
Got an iPhone amber alert to watch Last Jedi.    12/15/17  (1)
xo crypto bros pulling up to social service office in lambos    12/15/17  (13)
Girl hooked up with years ago just msged that I "pooped a little" on her    12/15/17  (4)
Amazing how unhinged I am    12/15/17  (5)
White North Koreans    12/15/17  (3)
Seems like around 90% of the board is Jewish or some kind of oriental that    12/15/17  (4)

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