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Solution to immigration "problem": limit the population, but increase immigrati    10/23/17  (10)
Bogus, Dude: How Bill & Ted whitemansplain history (Vox 1989)    10/23/17  (5)
Why all white men need to be castrated (huffpo)    10/23/17  (5)
Me Too: I was Sexually Assaulted on an Internet Message Board (Slate)    10/23/17  (4)
REAL TALK: Trump is cash poor; can't maek it to November    10/23/17  (28)
i am filing a wage claim against my employer    10/23/17  (5)
My 8 year old nephew's fav wrestler is Finn Balor. Is this guy cool or nah?    10/23/17  (2)
why hasn't shitlib CA made recreational marijuana legal yet?    10/23/17  (4)
Doodikoff have you ever thought about mixing crack instead of this Zelda bullshi    10/23/17  (20)
Mario Odyssey final boss is Wario. He was dressed in Bowser suit in all previous    10/23/17  (1)
you: comfortable in your skin; doobs: will be comfy in it too    10/23/17  (47)
*jew blows down ur door w/ shotgun* "I'm oppressed, did u KNO DAT?"    10/23/17  (2)
Notre Dame football 2017, Week 9: NC State thread.    10/23/17  (8)
DASSA....DASSA GOY TELL!    10/23/17  (1)
I am built exactly like Taylor Swift and have the exact same dimensions.    10/23/17  (2)
Briefly addressing posters from the field on this Monday. (WMTP)    10/23/17  (7)
Mayor of Cinci just offered half the city as slaves for Amazon HQ    10/23/17  (11)
Any of u ever fantasize about how safe I'd feel in boner_police's arms?    10/23/17  (4)
Did you guys know Jews are the most oppressed people on earth?    10/23/17  (23)
Was an Attack on Soldiers in Niger a Debacle 'Worse than Benghazi'? True (Snopes    10/23/17  (7)
It's normal for UMC families to buy a $90k SUV now    10/23/17  (23)
Mike Ehrmantraut complaining to Philly PD HR re ass grabbing incident    10/23/17  (6)
u: "I can maek it?" interviewer: "yup, good luck!" *shuts tuna oven door on u*    10/23/17  (4)
feminist cancer patient telling off m.d. for 'mansplaining'    10/23/17  (8)
Rach Spreading Talmud Studies Boart To The Nations For LECH LECHA!    10/23/17  (2)
What do they mean by "archaic talmudic reasoning" and how does "archaic talmudic    10/23/17  (6)
Eyes WIDE Shut piano plays as you find a live tuna on the middle of your bed    10/23/17  (1)
Dr. Bbooooooooom diagnosing you with mudbutt but noting you can still maek it    10/23/17  (3)
Slate: Finding Beauty in America's "Great White Death"    10/23/17  (3)
4 cheerleaders paraglide into USAF Osprey blades    10/23/17  (11)
Crazy how all these racial incidents and crimes are fake    10/23/17  (1)
When trump locks hillary up will libs simultaneously go full on psychotic?!    10/23/17  (1)
American mayors pounding dildo ass to ass before cheering Amazon executives    10/23/17  (22)
*opens closed fist full of mantises in cunt* Chaaaadddddd stop teeheeee    10/23/17  (3)
board up ur windows libs have lost they're minds    10/23/17  (3)
Senator warren describes her RAPE    10/23/17  (82)
99 year old jellyfish found living in NYC fire hydrant    10/23/17  (81)
keep a jar of bugs on your bedside table to put in tinder cunts?    10/23/17  (5)
Grandpa:frozen peas on gun wound. U:Paxil 4 tindr rejection    10/23/17  (8)
$700 LOCATION. Seeking Straight Nudist Male 4 ROOM.QUEEN SHARE    10/23/17  (2)
For Watchmen to aggressively pursue fempoadters he must be Starved AF    10/23/17  (4)
I miss the 80s and 90s so much thanks a lot libs    10/23/17  (5)
*50 poast thread over whether or not a totally normal interaction is autistic*    10/23/17  (9)
Just ordered a Switch, BOTW and Mario YNYYY    10/23/17  (3)
Millions of apoplectic shrews screeching on twitter about men #metoo    10/23/17  (1)
Cool video shows what The Simpsons house would look like IRL    10/23/17  (2)
ITT: Poasters who have embarrassed themselves lately    10/23/17  (26)
Could Kashi GO LEAN Cereal Be Causing Stomach Ulcers?    10/23/17  (3)
rating posters as my favorite deobani madrasahs (to be fair)    10/23/17  (6)
Peter and the Ice Road Truckers    10/23/17  (1)
Peterman you're supposed to use the meth to suck off more truckers, not poast    10/23/17  (40)
New Law Says Employers Can't Ask Applicants About Criminal Past    10/23/17  (22)
fuck remember when america wasnt all foreigners and fat people and genderless wo    10/23/17  (21)
Senator warren describes her GRAPE    10/23/17  (1)
Prenup Is a Four-Letter Word (NYT)    10/23/17  (34)
Dont boisplain your milker to me son    10/23/17  (1)
nubile, demure chicks who walk slowly, unaccompanied, to indeterminate locations    10/23/17  (10)
Autist tell: threads that start with "Is it normal...?"    10/23/17  (1)
Prediction: Libs will freak out about Super Mario Odyssey scene w/ Peach chained    10/23/17  (1)
The following threads have been rated as Morbidly Toxic (MT). Viewer discretion    10/23/17  (1)
Just learned there are "men" who don't wet shave with double edged blade razor    10/23/17  (18)
MAF banker throws his laptop out the window, kills woman walking below (link)    10/23/17  (10)
Oh shit, Hillary Clinton on TV right now describing her own rape    10/23/17  (2)
Suggest a 4 wheel drive car?    10/23/17  (93)
New Law Says You Can't Ask Tinder Matches About Cock-inal Past    10/23/17  (2)
Conservahero jews of XO: what products do you intend to return this week?    10/23/17  (1)
New pill simulates the sensation of cleaning your dirty ear with a Q-tip (link)    10/23/17  (1)
REMINDER: Trumptards elected a literal man-child moron as pres bc they hate nigs    10/23/17  (1)
I have a lot of sex with really hot tall guys. Never under 6'1".    10/23/17  (2)
*looks around* *sucks teeth* *blank bumps*    10/23/17  (3)
doobs, hard & pink, lapping up trucker cum from Petermans flooded concave chest    10/23/17  (1)
Jfc Judge Reinhold looks unrecognizable    10/23/17  (2)
Consumers of XO: what products do you intend to buy this week?    10/23/17  (8)
Women are really just inverted cock cavities    10/23/17  (7)
How does my mousepad know i'm using two fingers vs fat one?    10/23/17  (1)
me n Luis n spack shaking our tanned, tight rumps to inspector norse,    10/23/17  (15)
The movie "Margin Call" has some 180 scenes- videos    10/23/17  (2)
Lol at takeout fags. When Im hungry I just beat zhem up & take food    10/23/17  (1)
New Law Says You Cant Question Witnesses About Criminal Past    10/23/17  (1)
Petition to BAN female posters    10/23/17  (25)
why are women such buttsluts for global capitalism    10/23/17  (17)
It's the perfect size, really," Peterman lied to the trucker post-coitus    10/23/17  (5)
Just saw this asian kid at wash sq park so I yelled " BOWLCUT AUTIST GOOK"    10/23/17  (1)
ARREST MADE of Charlie Adelson in murder of shortporch tp    10/23/17  (1)
Oh muse sing of the shiny headed 18 wheel thunder chariot man    10/23/17  (3)
BJC Shapovalov v Sugita - Basel R32 #tennis    10/23/17  (2)
really feel like colt is against me and doesn't want me to maek it    10/23/17  (2)
MPA is a curiously charming humanoid alien swearing at Agent K in a grocery line    10/23/17  (3)
Uh oh, libs coming after truck nuts now as being transphobic (link)    10/23/17  (2)
"It's the perfect size, really," she lied to you post-coitus    10/23/17  (3)
LJL Bannon On the UAE Payroll Now    10/23/17  (1)
RSF's ( . ) ( . ) exploding like airbags after getting checked at hockey game    10/23/17  (8)
I want a James on the streets, a Roberto in the sheets    10/23/17  (2)
girls love it when u call them "buttsluts"    10/23/17  (17)
Trump is a hero for protecting ARE 401(k)s. Fuck libs!    10/23/17  (1)
NYUUG'S OFFICIAL TAKE on how to remove bad acne    10/23/17  (1)
Travelmos, which meal would you preselect    10/23/17  (26)
Nintendo Switchmos, can you download older games on your Switch?    10/23/17  (2)
How long was Spain occupied by niggers?    10/23/17  (4)
Myeshia Johnson says Trump could not remember the name of her husband, La David.    10/23/17  (1)
The current white nationalist uprising is pretty much rise of the dumbs    10/23/17  (22)
PARENTS: what would you do to this teacher if she hit YOUR kid?    10/23/17  (3)
Dear Trumptards: Dat immigration train won't stop running!    10/23/17  (28)
*yakkety sax plays as man chases liz warren around a desk*    10/23/17  (6)
2 buddies of mine just slept with my other bro's live in girlfriend    10/23/17  (93)
Spent $345 on a Japanese denim jacket    10/23/17  (12)
Jews slowly realizing their fate rests with 1488, Israel beginning to ally far-    10/23/17  (5)
RSF @ the standard hotel bar at 2PM on a Monday, "Where is everyone?!"    10/23/17  (10)
Just looked outside. Not a Trumptard in sight    10/23/17  (1)
my brain is just about to formulate another 'hot take', i can feel it happening    10/23/17  (7)
New Movie I'm pitching "A Staten Island Brunch" (180)    10/23/17  (195)
Libs: willing to "LJL fuck the CONstitution" and reinterpret; Cons: omg trainth    10/23/17  (2)
Odor of The Queef TP is a fucking CHINK!?    10/23/17  (10)
Balding Sullcrom Tax Assoc Weds Daughter Of Chink Commie Party Higher-up (NYT)    10/23/17  (3)
Blankbumps allow voting with intensity    10/23/17  (1)
Its kind of amazing that the Hadron Collider experiments were actually run    10/23/17  (1)
The Case of the Undocumented Teen Who Wants an Abortion Is a Constitutional Hell    10/23/17  (2)
Say It ain't soooowowowow, my son is a Chaebong Hyung - Weezer    10/23/17  (13)
RSF beat Anthony Weiner in a hockey fight, called him a rat-faced man.    10/23/17  (4)
By 9 pm tonight, Trumptards must leave the board forever    10/23/17  (25)
RSF, semi-pro hockey player    10/23/17  (16)
Wife gets depressed when looking at FB friends taking trips    10/23/17  (43)
Trucker (angrily): "Give it back!" Peterman: "I swallowed it." Trucker: "A    10/23/17  (2)
"You gotta pay for that!" cried Peterman as he got pushed out of the truck cab    10/23/17  (42)
Rate Bill Clinton's new asian girlfriend    10/23/17  (11)
told chick on train that she looks like 'thomas hobbes'    10/23/17  (1)
peterman cooking noodles in his BOI-OVEN between tricks    10/23/17  (3)
MFH is ok for no more than 6-8 hrs at a time    10/23/17  (7)
seems like football teams should have more choices than run / pass / kick    10/23/17  (3)
Reminder Trumpmos: you're a minority in America. Don't ever forget it.    10/23/17  (32)
In some universes, the Hadron Collider has caused the destruction of the Earth    10/23/17  (3)
German intelligence is #1.    10/23/17  (48)
pretty depressed lmao    10/23/17  (26)
antifa set to protest XO Lauren Southern at U Minn on Wednesday    10/23/17  (15)
Trump Stock Market bought my parent a boat; Now Trump tax reform will send kids    10/23/17  (4)
99 degrees in Los Angeles libs explain    10/23/17  (3)
TRUMP just awarded Medal of Honor to Vietnam medic    10/23/17  (3)
There are Welsh Villages on Google maps streetview with dead bodies everywhere    10/23/17  (1)
Trucker: "Wait, that's not Gatorade." Peterman: "I know."    10/23/17  (36)
How do I raise a chad?    10/23/17  (24)
Peterman singing "Welcome to the Flying J Virginia" to the tune of "Hotel Califo    10/23/17  (23)
In my not so humble opinion, these here be the TOP TEN singles from the 90s    10/23/17  (1)
Tried to watch NFL this weekend, boring as fuck    10/23/17  (3)
lol at BING background today    10/23/17  (1)
Why did TEDCRUZ tp leave the board?    10/23/17  (21)
XO Gav on Milo's podcast YNYNY!    10/23/17  (19)
America felt like the REAL AMERICA in the 1990s    10/23/17  (8)
Article less impt than comments. Wanna see how sheeple take to the memes.    10/23/17  (1)
Muslims in France: "let us name our baby Jihad"    10/23/17  (3)

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