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Come ITT to claim your 888 crypto winnings    01/16/18  (208)
ITT: Replace one word of a movie title with "shithole"    01/12/18  (208)
Krampusnacht rating poasters as ROAD TRIPS in the USA    01/15/18  (185)
Trump asks why US has so many immigrants from "shithole countries"    01/12/18  (157)
List your top 5 major expenses per month    01/11/18  (139)
RATE these girls in their underwear and guess which I slept with    01/14/18  (137)
Aziz Ansari accused of sexual assault by 23 year old Brooklyn photographer    01/15/18  (135)
Who in this big album of trannies does xoxo think is passable?    01/15/18  (131)
Orthodox Jew Here, Taking Questions On Judaism & Kikery    01/10/18  (127)
So about that 888 thing    01/13/18  (117)
Just launched NiggerCoin. ICO starts right now.    01/15/18  (116)
xoxo genetic males poll: are you cut or uncut?    01/11/18  (112)
Things you chuckle at irl because of xo    01/13/18  (112)
1 month keto + workout every day gained 5 pounds    01/16/18  (106)
Botswana asks President Trump if it's a "shithole country"    01/14/18  (104)
You should sleep with at LEAST 25 guys before settling down, and Ill tell you e    01/16/18  (101)
NPR Aired Sob Story RE: Tax Plan of Woman Who Bought Million Dollar Penthouse    01/12/18  (97)
On short quotemo    01/15/18  (95)
After 3 degrees, RSF's only "skill" is writing about travel    01/15/18  (94)
How to make $200k and just get by (pic/chart    01/15/18  (93)
just proposed to my gf. im engaged now bros    01/14/18  (85)
State age and assets    01/10/18  (81)
The 15 cars Americans keep the longest before trading in for a new one    01/16/18  (79)
ITT: NYUUG's Korean Citizenship Card. U mad?    01/12/18  (78)
renting a $7,500/mo penthouse, decadent or merely shrewd?    01/13/18  (78)
RATE this new computer I'm building    01/12/18  (77)
Predict control of Congress after 2018 election    01/14/18  (76)
Canada Goose is the biggest GC scam of all time    01/13/18  (76)
$74 million    01/15/18  (73)
White men who cant get jobs say theyre being discriminated against    01/11/18  (73)
what crimes would you turn in your own family members for?    01/10/18  (73)
The Atlantic: The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari    01/15/18  (72)
My review of British Airways First Class (with pics) LHR-JFK BA 179    01/15/18  (72)
ITT: Replace one word of a famous movie title with the word "diaper"    01/12/18  (70)
Official XO, do you regret 1.) marriage & 2.) kids poll ITT    01/12/18  (70)
Trip over, taking Qs from AIRPORT lounge :(, sup?    01/14/18  (69)
USA built many beautiful train stations in early 1900's...just before planes    01/13/18  (69)
I'm glad Aziz Ansari's career will be ruined. Dumb shitskin liberal elite    01/14/18  (68)
Libs sent Venezuela to the Stone Age.    01/15/18  (65)
The Most Awful Transit Center in America Could Get Unimaginably Worse    01/12/18  (65)
Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and Youre Not (NYT crypto hit piece)    01/16/18  (63)
Why are Jewish women so slutty?    01/13/18  (63)
Just checked into hospital, wife having baby    01/14/18  (63)
the DACA deal is done and it's as bad as you can imagine for trumpmos    01/12/18  (63)
Tom Brady best player in any sport ever    01/14/18  (62)
REMINDER: "Conservative" blacks/browns can't be trusted. Rep Mia Love attacked T    01/13/18  (62)
Anderson Cooper was crying over Haiti comments?    01/13/18  (62)
H&M Criticized for picture of black kid in "monkey" sweater. Mom says stfu libs.    01/12/18  (62)
Men looking to find a wife today are basically walking around a used car lot    01/15/18  (61)
tonight i taught my dad how to do a walk out when restaurant service is bad    01/14/18  (61)
^*^ GRAPHIC ^*^ footage of 2004 tsunami in Indonesia/Thailand    01/13/18  (60)
Haiti is beautiful and majestic (NYT)    01/13/18  (59)
6'1", 152 man not eating breakfast b/c he thinks he's too fat    01/12/18  (59)
Why are the Lebanese so wealthy in the countries they immigrate to    01/12/18  (59)
I voted Trump because he was the only option that had s CHANCE to be different    01/11/18  (59)
RSF's dad tapping champagne flute in middle of post-verdict celebratory dinner:    01/15/18  (58)
Dying XOer with heart disease. Please send ETH, BTC, LTC for my kids...    01/12/18  (58)
ITT I have a personality test for you    01/15/18  (57)
Let's be honest about #shitholegate    01/12/18  (56)
'shithole countries' now on frontpage of NYT    01/12/18  (56)
Media shitlibs ENRAGED that RUSSIAN women come here to have anchor babies    01/10/18  (56)
Brothers, XO made it to the Babe.net Twitter account    01/15/18  (55)
there's an islam forum, there's mulitiple jew forums... no catholic forum. WTF    01/14/18  (55)
Lib reaction today was even more hyperbolic than I had expected    01/12/18  (55)
Lawyers: whats the most successful way to defend a DUI?    01/10/18  (55)
Dems going with the "immigrants are actually BETTER than US natives!"    01/12/18  (53)
Ggtp, I'm going to SE Asia for month    01/10/18  (53)
Are public school districts in red states actual garbage or is that shitlib flam    01/15/18  (52)
disgraced poaster f/k/a "'" taking questions, attempting to salvage gaped reputa    01/14/18  (52)
Schadenfreude at Aziz Ansari situation?    01/15/18  (52)
NBC admits their source for "shithole" comment is a Democratic Aide (link)    01/12/18  (52)
Bump this thread until Rach de-mods RSF.    01/14/18  (52)
PIGS shoot dead another innocent baby Trayvon in Little Rock    01/12/18  (52)
Just got out of the LOONEY BIN yesterday    01/16/18  (51)
ppl who hate cops should fight to cut their pensions, salaries, health benefits    01/16/18  (51)
Weight loss is actually incredibly easy, it turns out.    01/12/18  (51)
so "shithole" is officially unverified hearsay, yet libs are still raging abt it    01/13/18  (50)
If you are an unwanted male, MGTOW    01/15/18  (49)
Jeff Foxworthy: "You might, just be, a shithole..."    01/13/18  (49)
Nashville lib mayor announces $5.2bb subway system. Whoops its actually $9bb!    01/11/18  (49)
i just thought about this--the nazis might have actually been the good guys    01/16/18  (48)
WTF? this serial killer looks EXACTLY like Doobs    01/14/18  (48)
Must be an incredible feeling to pay off your house.    01/11/18  (48)
Welp, faggots, my adopted kid got a composite IQ score of 134    01/11/18  (48)
POLL: How many hours of ACTUAL WORK do you complete per day?    01/11/18  (48)
Lol at the 888 thread already preparing to under deliver    01/13/18  (48)
Special Forces soldier shoots random Afghan truck driver driving down highway    01/11/18  (48)
WSJ published racist screed against NFL protests    01/14/18  (47)
Rate this "real" map of NJ.    01/13/18  (47)
Critique this shitlib's argument on minimum wage    01/10/18  (47)
What are you guys' favourite youtube personalities?    01/11/18  (47)
Hawaii judge BLOCKS TRUMP ON DACA    01/10/18  (46)
RATE These 4 Birthright Jewesses (PIC)    01/16/18  (45)
POLL: who has cut out cable TV completely?    01/11/18  (45)
This year's Women's March to ban pussy hats (link)    01/11/18  (45)
Free money pick: Eagles -3 over Falcons    01/16/18  (45)
Why did Nick Saban do so shitty in the NFL?    01/11/18  (45)
#MeToo crumbling, women starting to turn on each other over Aziz Ansari.    01/15/18  (44)
TRUMP FUCKED A PORN STAR!    01/14/18  (44)
Jordan Peterson's daughter is looking 180 in underwear post baby    01/11/18  (44)
Libs, describe what it would take for you to vote Trump in 2020 ITT    01/12/18  (43)
Lontime Philly defense lawyer becomes D.A.    01/10/18  (43)
My Husband (25M) convinced me (26F) to try an open relationship    01/11/18  (43)
Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner call off divorce    01/10/18  (43)
what's the weirdest place one of your college friends ended up living?    01/10/18  (43)
Will you expose your kids to old cartoons?    01/15/18  (42)
They're destroying H&M stores in South Africa over monkey sweater kid    01/14/18  (42)
If 5 posters post give me the go ahead I will buy this bass guitar (link)    01/15/18  (42)
White features (large expressive eyes and brows) become ghastly when old (DTP)    01/11/18  (42)
Trump Approval Rating at 37%.... in georgia... LJL FUCK TRUMPMOS    01/12/18  (41)
Top 3 USA SHITHOLES itt    01/12/18  (41)
Work travel + Tinder = fuck yeah    01/12/18  (41)
Tinder: why do guys swipe on modestly dressed avg women    01/10/18  (41)
GOP negotiators say Stephen Miller standing in way of immigration deal    01/10/18  (41)
ITT: poast a picture of what you wish you looked like    01/15/18  (40)
Any board olds have 4+ kids?    01/16/18  (40)
PNs pwning of RSF really shows how fucking dumb jjc and Uvt are    01/15/18  (40)
My review of American Airlines Business Class GCM-MIA-CDG with pics    01/15/18  (40)
average iq of people in this picture?    01/15/18  (40)
Will the Frank Lloyd Wrong school of posting ever recover?    01/14/18  (40)
Guess City Thread    01/12/18  (40)
Why does anyone care about Charles?    01/12/18  (40)
datelab requiring actual analysis itt    01/11/18  (40)
PDDJ's Sister's Wedding Doing Cocktail Hour Before Ceremony. Retard Tell?    01/12/18  (40)
been with gf 6 months - pop question?    01/15/18  (39)
In 20min going to bar with gf to find a random girl to fuck. Taking Qs    01/13/18  (39)
RSF focuses on jjc because he got OWNED by everyone else. Dennis, PN, luis    01/14/18  (39)
Rate this text from my wife/ lol.    01/12/18  (39)
Giving away 100 NIGR (NiggerCoin) to the first 5 eth wallets ITT    01/15/18  (39)
How could DJT "strengthen" libel law without running afoul of 1A?    01/14/18  (39)
FRENCH women denounce #MeToo whiners/victim signalers as anti-feminist.    01/11/18  (39)
What if Diversity isn't America's Strength? (LA Times OpEd)    01/16/18  (38)
Singer SEAL under investigation for SEXUAL ASSAULT    01/16/18  (38)
Rate this Reddit couple's engagement photos    01/16/18  (38)
Real talk: The Cranberries fucking sucked    01/16/18  (38)
Screwed up a date with a really hot chick. Is there any way to salvage this?    01/14/18  (38)
MGTOW is 180.    01/14/18  (38)
RATE Her (PIC)    01/12/18  (38)
too many jabbering pumos and psychotic quotemos: no bort personalities left    01/13/18  (38)
Bama has been insanely good the past 9 seasons    01/10/18  (38)
Asians not defined as diverse by google. Asians and whites need to team up    01/10/18  (38)
well the Nintendo Switch was short-lived. literally no good games on the horizon    01/12/18  (38)
still lolling that nationalist lawman8 swears allegiance to shitlib watchmen    01/16/18  (37)
Seriously which one of you is "the greek" who messaged the babe.net girl?    01/16/18  (37)
Do most ppl have MLK day off???    01/16/18  (37)
Recommend a cheap well built used car 2 buy    01/15/18  (37)
Do Trumpmos really think it's ok for POTUS to call other countries "shitholes?"    01/12/18  (37)