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Poll: Does Trump run in 2020??    08/17/17  (35)
Your 2nd cousin singing karaoke (gif)    08/17/17  (8)
Pretty frightening that military won't follow trump's orders    08/16/17  (8)
Jews finally took down Daily Stormer, i hear it's on the dark web now.    08/16/17  (6)
My (29f) roommate (29m) moved his gf (17f) into our house    08/16/17  (5)
Denver is a really ugly city    08/16/17  (5)
*Hope Hicks spitting in the face of a beta male*    08/16/17  (5)
fucklaw    08/17/17  (4)
Richard Spencer is a NIGGER we know you read this you gay nigger    08/17/17  (2)
it's 8/17 are you niggerfaggots going to change the sticky or what    08/16/17  (2)
Every time I put a diaper on I get too excited to wait very long. Is it just me?    08/16/17  (2)
Saw car with "Muslims Welcome" sticker. Gave Roman salute. now a standard move.    08/16/17  (2)
It is weird how the unemployment rate became real once Trump was elected    08/16/17  (2)
Chicks dig me because I'm basically a "Peterman." How to fix this?    08/17/17  (1)
Traffic's at a standstill on the New Jersey Hermpike    08/17/17  (1)
Starts w/: Well, I'm a Christian;Proceeds to say most unchristian thing possible    08/16/17  (1)
Peterman's farts now sound identical to jake brakes    08/16/17  (1)
Peterman how much extra to choke you with the CB radio cord?    08/16/17  (1)
best thing about xo is if someone makes a gay sticky u can poast "nigger" in it    08/16/17  (1)
The most prestigious 130+ IQ white nationalist discussion board in the world    08/16/17  (1)
What's the initiation ceremony like for antifa?    08/16/17  (1)