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PARTNER ON DECK - TAKING AND GIVING ?s    09/22/17  (113)
Reminder: Everyone in your life is actively or passively trying to undermine you    09/22/17  (43)
I fucked a random geek at a Magic/YuGiOh convention as a teenager.    09/22/17  (27)
Jimmy Kimmel is INSUFFERABLE    09/21/17  (27)
Are many rural areas on the brink of collapse?    09/22/17  (23)
do you say "hey" in a text?    09/21/17  (18)
why is it obama "voter" but trump "supporter"?    09/21/17  (17)
STANFORD LAW OPTIONAL ESSAYS....hooooooly fuck    09/22/17  (13)
REMINDER: your employer doesn't care about YOU. to them, u r replaceable    09/22/17  (13)
I have an Indian supervisor. Lol this dude is so unclear and erratic    09/21/17  (9)
Peterman disappointedly storming out of Pound Hall at HLS    09/21/17  (8)
perfect soundtrack for the day's XO events:    09/21/17  (7)
Drone built by Afghan high school robotics team kills 3 at Catholic church (link    09/21/17  (6)
Vietnamese LA galaxy fan lawyer goes on LA Times date and says he's ending it al    09/22/17  (5)
Has CharlesXII directly or indirectly addressed what happened today?    09/21/17  (5)
Radiohead - A Chaebong Hyung (to "My Iron Lung")    09/21/17  (5)
poll: is libs denying black iq GASLIGHTING?    09/21/17  (4)
Shrew Tells    09/21/17  (4)
An xo poster is among the top 100 most insufferable people in America.    09/21/17  (3)
Slate: Marriott Should Cancel Hosting Event for Anti-Terrorist Group    09/21/17  (3)
twist, rate my foray into XO songwriting:    09/21/17  (3)
ITT: XO search strings you'll search for once punctuation is supported    09/21/17  (3)
Farting so loud she is EMPOWERED    09/21/17  (2)
"I am currently out of the office catching up on a backlog of Date Lab threads"    09/21/17  (2)
Private Tutoring is a cash transfer from dumbs to smarts    09/22/17  (1)
He's a pee boi oh yeah he's a big piss boi    09/22/17  (1)
anyone else read "Rootabaga Stories" as a kid?    09/22/17  (1)
Lol Peterman is already asking for MBA advice on reddit (link)    09/22/17  (1)
A towel with which one has clearly wiped their hold.    09/21/17  (1)
Farting so loud you don't get a second date    09/21/17  (1)
Anyone here with an "unprofessional" Gmail profile pic?    09/21/17  (1)
Exhibit A for how attractive women have a HUGE LEG UP    09/21/17  (1)
Watching Beauty & the Beast LOL @ the autotune    09/21/17  (1)
RESOLVED: a mod should nuke XII's poasting history before it's too late    09/21/17  (1)