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How do we end identity politics    07/21/18  (48)
i get really impatient now when someone in front of me on line pays w/cash    07/21/18  (35)
Guys, it's time to buy Bitcoin ($7400). I'm not fucking kidding. (DTP)    07/21/18  (34)
White Supremacists Get 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director James Gunn Fired    07/21/18  (33)
Does Amazon Prime Video have a single thing worth watching?    07/21/18  (32)
OFFICIAL Usyk vs Gassiev thread    07/21/18  (23)
Anyone got a free stream for usyk vs. gassiev?    07/21/18  (22)
Dad goes to pick up 3-year-old and finds him dead after spending over 3 hours in    07/21/18  (21)
imagine being Assange, having fate decided by retards like May, Merkel, EU tards    07/21/18  (21)
Dutch POTUS: "Peaceful multicultural societies dont exist"    07/21/18  (19)
Who will be the first Trumpmo to acknowledge the walls are closing in?    07/21/18  (18)
Trump's body language at Treason Summit was embarrassing    07/21/18  (17)
How do you pronounce "latinx"? "Lah-tinks?" "Lah-tin-ex"?    07/21/18  (17)
Landlord not responsible for repairing/replacing washer/dryer    07/21/18  (16)
Eating at prole as fuck Chinese buffet, taking q's    07/21/18  (16)
calling it now: Sports are fucking done here    07/21/18  (14)
Woke up at noon, ate 5 guys for lunch, feeel like shit now    07/21/18  (11)
Is Buster Posey a hall of famer?    07/21/18  (11)
can't take it anymore. life is 100% awful. no hope    07/21/18  (10)
Jeannine Pirro calls "The View" hosts COCKSUCKERS    07/21/18  (10)
the last 15 years of my life have been avoiding fact that I = gay    07/21/18  (10)
This saucy Asian shrews take on vippasana meditation is kinda cr    07/21/18  (10)
I have a dad bod now. Worst part is I'm too embarrassed to wear tshirts or polos    07/21/18  (9)
Point & Click adventures were basically pinnacle gaming, now dead    07/21/18  (8)
Libs then: Free Speech but not the consequences of that speech! Now: uhh whoops    07/21/18  (8)
Boom where are you    07/21/18  (8)
Ecuador about to hand over Julian Assange to UK?    07/21/18  (8)
Article about Lagos, the "city of the future" according to Google executives:    07/21/18  (7)
The same ppl who got Billy Bush fired over the pussy tape are defending Gunn now    07/21/18  (7)
What is Apple's argument for why they need proprietary connectors for iStuff?    07/21/18  (7)
deeh my instant pot just arrived, what should i make to break this thing in    07/21/18  (7)
Ive never met a crypto fan that doesnt also LOVE Tesla stock    07/21/18  (7)
Baby delivered in Chickfila, gets free food for life (twist)    07/21/18  (7)
Would I commit fraud if I do this re car registration in California    07/21/18  (6)
Giving out medical advice for 5 mins (Chaucer)    07/21/18  (6)
If moviepass was smart theyd eat the costs but get a cut of concession revenues    07/21/18  (6)
Is Miguel Cabrera a hall of famer?    07/21/18  (6)
Is Joey Votto a hall of famer?    07/21/18  (6)
should i quit drinking poison bros?    07/21/18  (6)
Since 2011, Libs have been carrying out these Shame tactics online    07/21/18  (6)
Completely humiliating as a human to have "neighbors"    07/21/18  (5)
most NYC biglaw associates live in Chelsea Pier shipping containers    07/21/18  (5)
Corp slave text me    07/21/18  (5)
Ranking of canned meats.    07/21/18  (5)
Chandler my GF thinks I should out self to you    07/21/18  (5)
Stan Musial never hit 40 hrs in a season, but he is still in HOF. Explain.    07/21/18  (5)
Why can't we just do AutoadmitCoin ICO?    07/21/18  (5)
What will happen to the millions of South African rapefugees after famine    07/21/18  (5)
Avril Lavigne (born Avram Levine) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and    07/21/18  (5)
Billions watching on TV as first Indian astronaut openly defecates on the moon    07/21/18  (5)